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Reporting and Analysis

magic beans accountant belfast
magic beans accountants belfast

Once all your data has been entered in Xero the reporting and analysis is where the magic happens. Magic Beans work with you to translate your data into useful management information, in a language you understand and at a time you can use it to make effective business decisions. We give you the tools, information and confidence to make the best decisions for you and your businesses.

Reporting is tailored to your requirements. With only 12 month ends in a year, monthly reporting gives businesses 12 opportunities to review and react, with quarterly reports you have only 4 opportunities, and an annual report is outdated by the time you receive it. We can issue weekly reports to our clients on sales, production, stock holding and cash collected. We use a range of Xero add-ons to provide this real time data including Float, Vend, Unleashed and Stock and Buy. Our clients get a snapshot of how the last week has been before the new week starts, helping them keep on track against targets and plan the week ahead to ensure they’re focused on the right things.

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