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Outsourced Controller

Expertise and understanding

Our outsourced expertise will make it easier to adapt to your business’ needs and gain external perspective.

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outsourced controller
accountant belfast

Magic Beans can act as an outsourced Financial Controller;

  • an expert in your business who can oversee accounting and the implementation and monitoring of internal controls;
  • an executive level, senior position, reporting to senior directors / partners in the business.

Your Magic Bean Counter can be in charge of finances, accounting, bookkeeping, transaction processing, information management, information technology where it relates to finances and much more.

If the company has an internal bookkeeper or accountant, your Magic Bean Counter can control and supervise their activities while remaining hands-on with all the agreed responsibilities.

This is for you if you want to go beyond the data entry and get regular support and business advice from us. We help you interpret the numbers and make the right decisions.

Our Packages

What could be in the package?

  • bookkeeping


    We take care of your finances so you don’t have to. We will look after your invoicing and VAT returns to make sure everything is in order month on month

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  • credit control

    Credit Control

    Getting your Customers to pay on time is challenging. We will send statements on your behalf and make calls or send emails to ensure the money comes in as quickly and efficiently as possible

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  • payroll


    Whether you have a team or just one or two people, managing and keeping track of your payroll can be time consuming. We can manage this for you

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  • magnify


    Knowing where you are financially month on month is essential for growth. Our reports will provide you with a simple and straight forward snapshot of you financial performance at any given time

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  • magnify


    We analyse your financial information to make sure you are making profits across your business divisions. Our team will identify any weaknesses in your financial model and ensure your business is maximising financial opportunities

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  • forecasting


    Forward planning and forecasting when it comes to your finances will help you stay ahead of the curve and make sure you achieve your objectives

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  • team

    Financial Consultancy

    Not sure which direction to move in next? We provide the strategic vision and outside perspective required to move your business forward

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  • Enhance your senior Management Team

    Need more support for your senior management team but not ready to employ someone? We have the experts you need to support your team and employees

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  • clock

    Forward Looking

    We will prepare your budgets and rolling cashflow forecasts to set and help achieve goals

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What our clients say

Accountancy is the kind of business I think most people go by word of mouth and certainly that way for me. Everyone I have used in the past has been recommended to me as I’m not comfortable picking a random person to look at my finances. If I then feel they are of benefit to my business and find them trustworthy and knowledgeable, I am happy to continue to use them.

I left my first accountant because I felt they weren’t knowledgeable enough in certain areas and then [another accountant] just weren’t of benefit to my business anymore. Yourself and Sharon have so far ticked all 3 boxes.

Ray, Omagh

Giving back

Every time someone does business with us, something great happens in the world.

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